Obesity in Malta

Obesity in Malta

Malta has the highest obesity and overweight rates in the EU according to a report issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) based on data acquired in 2014.

Overweight and obesity are defined as a medical condition in which abnormal or excessive fat accumulation may have a negative impact on health. Obesity is not just a cosmetic concern.

According to the WHO:

  • Overweight people have a BMI greater than or equal to 25
  • Obese people have a BMI greater than or equal to 30.

What Causes Obesity?

Weight gain is the result of an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories burnt through exercise and normal daily activities. Although obesity may sometimes be the result of a medical condition, these conditions are rare.

The main reasons for obesity are:

  • Inactivity: Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle result in a decreased need for calories. If you are not very active you can easily consume more calories than you actually need.
  • Unhealthy diet and eating habits: If you regularly eat more calories than you require you will find yourself gaining weight.

What is my BMI?
Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height that applies to adult men and women. It is used to identify whether a person is overweight, obese, underweight or within the normal weight range.

What Can I Do?
Eating healthy food and monitoring portion sizes and total calorie consumption is the foundation to maintaining a healthy weight.
The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of rigorous exercise to improve overall cardiovascular health. An easy way to remember it is 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.

What is Burniva®?
Burniva® is a highly effective weight loss and energy boosting supplement. Its formulation contains three of the most powerful fat burners: Caffeine, Green Tea and Citrus Aurantium. Together, these three active ingredients work to suppress appetite, burn fat, and give an energy boost.
Want to learn more?

Visit the nearest Brown’s outlet and speak to one of our pharmacists for more advice regarding healthy lifestyle choices.

by Christine Attard

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